Artist Rudi Monterroso

For information about pricing of paintings, sculptures, hobbit houses, artist talk, artist demonstratio, or commissions please contact the artist: 303 589 7945

Art classes available

Crafted hobbit playhouses by commission

This hobbit hole is meant to be a small office sutio and it is available for $7000 It has a lot of 200 years old oak. 4×8 7′ 5 tall

Hobbit Playhouses

Playhouses and studio spaces

Videos of my Process

Art Studio

Using a piece of an airplane I made my art studio. 100% repurpose Materials. I also make more simple structures incorporated into the landscape by commission.

Artist Presentations and Artist Lectures for Hire.

Outdoor Art by Commission

Paintings painted through dance and movement Using my feet. Contact me for art available.

Prints available: $35 each or 2 x 60 Plus shipping amling fees.

Body casting, pregnancy casting and more.