Artist Rudi Monterroso

For information about pricing of paintings, or commissions please contact the artist: 303 589 7945

Art classes available

Crafted hobbit playhouses by commission

This hobbit hole is meant to be a small office sutio and it is available for $7000 It has a lot of 200 years old oak. 4×8 7′ 5 tall

Hobbit Playhouses

Playhouses and studio spaces

Videos of my Process

Art Studio

Using a piece of an airplane I made my art studio. 100% recycle

Artist Presentations and Artist Lectures for Hire.

Outdoor Art by Commission

Paintings painted through dance and movement Using my feet. Contact me for art available.

Prints available: $35 each or 2 x 60 Plus shipping amling fees.

Body casting, pregnancy casting and more.